Mekong Homes empower families by improving standards of living, increasing safety at home and providing opportunity to residents.

Sanitation at home is extremely critical for the health and hygiene of communities. By providing bathrooms complete with a sewage system in all Mekong Homes, we are ensuring families live in healthy environments that reduce the risk of sickness and disease.

Improved living standards also have a positive impact on dignity, mental health and opportunity. Some customers have found that their improved living standard has meant they have more time for businesses that they run from home, and that they feel happier and more content in their communities.

By having homes that are more well-adapted to the environment, such as the heat and rain, families are better protected and safer.

Financial literacy is improved through responsible lending as well as the guidance, support and training of our lending support teams. With increased knowledge of financial matters, families are empowered to make better, more well-informed decisions.