The desire to build and create is in our DNA. ISI GROUP has a long history in the construction sector and we recognise our responsibility to use our expertise in ways that benefit everyone, including rural families.

Mekong Homes is one of our solutions to this. With many rural Cambodians still living off less than $2 per day, it is often difficult for families to afford to rebuild or restore their homes in the traditional way. This leaves them living in homes that are low quality, unsafe and unhealthy.

Our research shows that home sanitation in rural areas is often substandard, safety risks increase during Cambodia’s annual wet season and that families living in low-quality homes are more at risk of continuing to live in a cycle of poverty.

Many rural families in Cambodia also lack access to housing alternatives outside of the traditional timber homes and often do not have access to responsible lending arrangements for new homes or home improvements. Being outside of the formal bank/lending system, families may rely on private loans from friends or family that have unrealistic and unfair interest loans, adding to their financial strain and lack of improved living. Traditional timber homes are also becoming unsustainable and are at risk of damage from the environment, insects and rot.

Mekong Homes was conceptualised because we wanted to develop an environmentally friendly, long-lasting, high-quality home that was affordable and could be accessed by all rural communities. We wanted our homes to fit with the style and comfort of traditional homes, but incorporate modern materials and construction plans. On top of this, we wanted them to be able to be constructed quickly, with minimal disruption to our customers and the environment.

Our team of architects, designers, engineers, home builders and manufacturers work together with the community to ensure that Mekong Homes continues to grow and evolve to suit rural families needs. We partner with companies that are renowned for their industrial expertise to ensure the quality of each Mekong Home is unprecedented.

On top of this, our core capabilities are spread across design, engineering, manufacturing, distribution and construction, and we apply all of these to each Mekong Home we build. This guarantees quality for our customers.

Recognising the need for financial accessibility, we work with banks and microfinance partners to offer a low-interest loan system to make sure families enter into financial situations that suit their lifestyle and capacity. Alongside our partners, we have trained lending teams in regions across the country that are available to offer support, advice and guidance before and during the loan tenure. This way, we can work to provide the best and most responsible options for families.

The Mekong Homes project is ever-evolving and is already working to empower communities throughout Cambodia.

If you are interested in purchasing a home, or if you would like more information, please feel free to contact us.